October 14, 2014

Tokopah Falls – A 1200 Foot Waterfall

Sequoia National Park, CA

I am addicted to waterfalls. There’s no better way to put it. So when I read about this five star, 1200 foot waterfall within a 1.7 one-way hike, I had to check it out. Located in Sequoia National Park, Tokopah Falls is well known and highly visited waterfall. The trailhead is located within the Lodgepole campground and is well marked by a sign. It’s located on the right once you across a bridge towards the back of the campground.

Tokopah Valley Trail

The hike is beautiful and offers little challenge for those in shape to hike 3.4 miles (round trip). The trail follows along the river, which doesn’t look like much but there are signs everywhere to be careful of the slippery rocks and sudden rough current. As we left the forest coverage behind and entered the more rocky area of the falls, it was neat to see all these little lizards running around.


Tokopah Falls was actually quite a disappointment. There wasn’t much of a waterfall at all. Apparently, unlike Michigan, California has been having a rough year and not getting much rain. Still, the hike was pretty and hopefully if we return later, we might get to see the falls at it’s full potential.




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