December 10, 2012

The Stunning Views of Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

Park County, WY

When we decided to head out west to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, we received some great advice on what we might want to see. One friend suggested we take this beautiful and historical scenic drive, just north of Yellowstone called the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.

Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

Starting 17 miles north of Cody, Wyoming on Wyoming Highway 120, the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway cuts it’s way through Dead Indian Pass, winds through the Shoshone National Forest and the Absaroka Mountains with spectacular red, rocky views. Forty-six miles later, it ends at US Route 212 in Montana.

Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

So besides the views, what’s so special about this scenic byway? History. In 1887, Chief Joseph took this route as he led the Nez Perce Native Americans out of Yellowstone and into Montana. They were attempting to flee the U.S Cavalry and escape into Canada. There are a few historical landmarks along the way as well as scenic overlooks that I recommend you stop and take time to read and reflect.

Chief Joseph Scenic Byway

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