November 9, 2015

The Smokies: Hiking to Charlies Bunion

Smoky Mountain National Park

Inspirational vistas is what to be excepted when hiking the 8.2 mile round trip hike to Charlies Bunion.  The trail begins on the Appalachian trail at the Newfound Gap Parking lot. The first 1.5 miles is all up hill and extremely rocky but the reward is a view of the North Carolina Smokies.

Appalachian Trail

Total elevation gain for this hike is 1,640 feet, with an average of 405 feet per mile. It is a difficult hike but if you’re looking for a day hike with some nice mountain views, it’s worth taking the hike. Don’t expect to have this trail alone, though. We saw around 30 people along the trail and a handful at Charlies Bunion.

Charlies Bunion

Charlies Bunion

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