July 16, 2017

The New DNR Firewood Policy

If you are an avid camper in Michigan, you may have heard that the DNR has released a new policy regarding firewood. Starting in 2018, all firewood brought into a Michigan State Park, must be purchased by an approved vendor.

Will this new policy hurt state parks?

Possibly. It will might even hurt the people around the parks who rely on the income from selling the wood each year. But it also might better protect our trees.

I have no found anything on how one becomes an “approved vendor.” If the DNR keeps it simple, this might eliminate many of issues for local folks who sell wood each camping season.

One of the biggest pet peeves when it comes to camping is people who transport firewood. Haven’t they heard about the detrimental effects of it? There are several areas we have been to where certain trees have been wiped out because of invasion species of insects and disease have been transported to that location.

That sounds like a great reason to me to leave firewood at home.

Unfortunately, the DNR believed the honor system would work but apparently it failed. I still known people who transport wood, despite the extreme risks. It is frustrating and makes me understand why the DNR would want to implement a harsher policy.

So if you transport wood, this policy is directed towards you. Camping is all about being in nature. Let’s do the little things we can to help protect it.

Learn more at Don’t Move Firewood and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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