August 23, 2017

The Hills of Blind 35

Welcome to the Huron Mountains.

That’s the message we received when we crested the top of the Blind 35 Hill. No special platform, no group of people. Just simply the mountains.

Since buying the property in the area, we have been eyeing the massive rock face that we have begun to call Odin’s High Chair. It is a place that towers above everything else around it.

We have been analyzing topographical maps, trying to determine the best path to reach the top. Finally, we just picked a direction and started hiking. There are no trails to get here. Only the spirit of the adventure and a good GPS system.

We hiked up steep hills only to go a hundred feet and have to descend again into the small valleys that separate the rocky hills.

Near the top, we hit a spot where we thought we would never make it up. We had to scale rock and had no equipment to do so. It was a long way down if we started to slide. It was difficult, but we made it.

When we pushed through the last set of trees, the view was incredible. All we could say was “wow”. A heck of a hike to a place with unlimited beauty.

Welcome to the Huron Mountains.

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