November 16, 2016

The Beauty of Ogemaw Falls

L'Anse, MI

Waterfalls are a hot topic these days. People are starting to branch out from Tahquamenon and explore the other wonders of Michigan. To us, the more wild the better. Ogemaw Falls is one of those. It’s simple, elegant and remains untouched. This remote waterfall has a lot to offer if you just know where to look.

Located in Baraga County on Ogemaw Creek, this little waterfall has made quite the impression on us. It drops about 20 feet total, with it’s largest drop around 8 feet in height.


While it’s not the largest waterfall, it is very picturesque. The walk back to the falls is easy and short and the trail is decently marked.

Lower drops

To get to Ogemaw Falls, take Baraga Plains Road west from US-41 for about 3.5 miles. You’ll pass a pond on the left side the road. There’s a small “parking” spot just pass this. After parking, follow the road back to the culvert that empties into the pond. The sign/trail is on the opposite side of the road (across from the pond).

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