A Bucket List Worthy Falls: Bond Falls

"Lower" Bond Falls

There’s no denying that Bond Falls is an impressive waterfall but there’s something about visiting it in the winter that makes it even more magical. This 50 foot tall, 160 foot wide cascading falls is located in Paulding and is without a doubt one of the Michigan’s best. We visited it for the first time in July of 2013 and since then have been back a few times. Our winter visits is one of our favourites.

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A Day on Slate River

On occasion, we discover a location that holds so much interest to us that we end up spending the entire day there. Slate River, located east of L’Anse, Michigan, is one of those places. This wild, isolated river gave us the chance to explore. We trudged up river, climbed and slid down high gorge walls and waded across extremely slippery and oddly angled rocks. In one day, Slate River has become, without a doubt, my favorite river in Michigan.

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