A Frozen Waterfall You Must Experience

Memorial Falls isn’t an impressive waterfall, especially compared to the nearby Munising Falls, but the winter gives it the chance to shine. This year in our annual mid-winter trip to Munsing, we had the opportunity to visit Memorial Falls and it’s twin falls once again. It was especially neat, at least for me, because our trip happened to co-inside with the Michigan Ice Festival where climbers from all over attempt to scale these massive ice formations.

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San Juan Skyway and the Million Dollar Highway

When Steve and I discovered the San Juan Skyway we were immediately interested. When we discovered the section called the Million Dollar Highway we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drive it. Considered one of America’s most dangerous roads, the Million Dollar Highway claimed to offer “jaw-dropping” views through the mountains, immense historical opportunities and scenic views that put other scenic byways to shame. Continue reading “San Juan Skyway and the Million Dollar Highway”

Waterfalls of the Western U.P.: Yellow Dog Falls

Yellow Dog Falls

Yellow Dog Falls is located on the Yellow Dog River in Marquette County. This river is said to run wild throughout the country, untouched by human development and it’s clearly true. Many of the waterfalls are not very easily accessible. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger falls, nearly twenty feet in height and is the most accessible.

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Waterfalls of the Western U.P.: Alder Falls

Alder Falls

Alder Falls is located 20 miles north west of Marquette, Michigan, just outside of Big Bay,  on Alder Creek. It has a set of four drops, the lower being the most impressive at around 30 feet in height. It is a cascading falls and descends into a beautiful gorge that makes the area very photogenic. This entire area, beyond the falls, is actually one of my favourite places to visit.

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