An Easy Hike to Big Sable Lighthouse

If you’re looking for an easy hike that takes a couple of hours or for a place to have a picnic and hang out, Big Sable Lighthouse is a great location. The hike is around 2 miles, each way, down a sandy but well-worn path that starts at Ludington State Park. There’s even some hike in sites at the Jack Pine Campground along the way if you want to stay near the lighthouse but not in the busy campground.

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A Day in the Keweenaw

Eagle River Falls

Eagle River Falls

Eagle River Falls was our first waterfall in the Keeweenaw. It is on the site of the original Lake Superior Fuse Company, located along the south side of M-26 as it enters the village of Eagle River. The falls pours over the remains of a 60 foot tall dam. We have seen this waterfall twice now and both times it had none to little water flow. Perhaps in the spring time it might be an impressive waterfall. Due to the ugliness of the dam remains, the low water flow and overall boring surroundings, I don’t recommend this as a stop.

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