An Easy Hike to Big Sable Lighthouse

If you’re looking for an easy hike that takes a couple of hours or for a place to have a picnic and hang out, Big Sable Lighthouse is a great location. The hike is around 2 miles, each way, down a sandy but well-worn path that starts at Ludington State Park. There’s even some hike in sites at the Jack Pine Campground along the way if you want to stay near the lighthouse but not in the busy campground.

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Fayette: An Amazing Historical Opportunity

Tucked away in the Snail Shell Harbor of the Garden Peninsula is 170 acres of pure Michigan history. Fayette Historical State Park was once a thriving community, manufacturing charcoal pig iron. It was established in 1867 by the Jackson Iron Company to help fill the demand for iron in the post-civil war era. During it’s 24 years of operation, blast furnaces produced a total of 229,288 tons of Iron. Nearly 500 people resided in the town.

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Lake Michigan Shoreline and Winter’s End

Compared to the previous year, this winter seems to be ending without much of a fight. Last year our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to the U.P greeted us with massive icebergs still floating on Lake Superior. Although I haven’t been to Lake Superior since February, it’s pretty clear by the signs on Lake Michigan that winter nearly finished. Now is my favorite time to visit the Lake Michigan shoreline. The formations created by winter and the mounds of sand resting in the middle of a barely frozen lake present their own breath-taking beauty.

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A February Tour of Michigan Lighthouses

Michigan lighthouses are famous. People travel from hundreds of miles away to visit these historical monuments. With 116 lighthouses total, Michigan takes the title of state with the most lighthouses. They aren’t considered some of the most beautiful lighthouses in the United States. They aren’t haunted (that I know of). They aren’t massive. So what makes Michigan lighthouses so special?

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