Waterfalls of the Western U.P.: Yellow Dog Falls

Yellow Dog Falls

Yellow Dog Falls is located on the Yellow Dog River in Marquette County. This river is said to run wild throughout the country, untouched by human development and it’s clearly true. Many of the waterfalls are not very easily accessible. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger falls, nearly twenty feet in height and is the most accessible.

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Waterfalls of the Western U.P.: Alder Falls

Alder Falls

Alder Falls is located 20 miles north west of Marquette, Michigan, just outside of Big Bay,  on Alder Creek. It has a set of four drops, the lower being the most impressive at around 30 feet in height. It is a cascading falls and descends into a beautiful gorge that makes the area very photogenic. This entire area, beyond the falls, is actually one of my favourite places to visit.

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Waterfalls of the Western U.P: Big Pup Falls

Big Pup Falls

Big Pup Falls is located near the tiny town of Big Bay, Michigan in Marquette County on Big Pup Creek. There are several small drops over smooth volcanic rock.  The largest drop is only a few feet in height and the waterfalls themselves aren’t very impressive. However, the area surrounding the waterfalls creates a nice, secluded resting spot with lots of moss covered rocks and beautiful trees.

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A Michigan Secret – Eben Ice Caves

Eben Ice Caves

Eben Junction is a small city about 30 minutes outside of Munising. Every year visitors from all over come to this city to see one spectacular piece of nature. Hidden about half a mile within the Rock River Wilderness area is something known as the “Eben Ice Caves.” The caves aren’t really caves but rather sixty foot tall icicles that have formed where a waterfall normally trickles. Each winter the water freezes and a curtain of ice is formed in the front of an indented rock wall. It thus creates a cave land is certainly one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

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Wonders Never Cease – The Grand Teton National Park

See the rugged snow-covered peaks stretching up towards the heavens above. The lake valleys that reflect those mountains and are surrounded with wildflowers in the spring. Imagine the wildlife; elk, bear, moose and wolves. The crisp morning air, fresh and energizing.  The Grand Teton Mountain range is exactly that. I haven’t seen many mountains in my life but so far I have yet to find any that are more majestic and magical than these.

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Exploring Yellowstone: A Remarkable Sight – Old Faithful

Sitting on a wooden bench with a hundred other people, waiting for that moment when Yellowstone’s most famous Geyser, Old Faithful, begins spouting hot water is something that can only be experienced and not described. First discovered in the 1870 Washburn Expedition, Old Faithful was the first Geyser in Yellowstone to be named. I can’t imagine how the explorers felt when coming across something as magnificent as Old Faithful. Almost every 91 minutes it throws 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of boiling water to heights above 100 feet. It is one of the most predictable geographical features on Earth. I loved every second of it.

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