January 31, 2017

Happy National Plan Your Vacation Day!

There’s a National Day for everything. Today just happens to be national plan your vacation day. We have a lot of planning left to do but this is what’s on our list so far for our Michigan trips.

  • Mackinaw City
  • Point Betsie Lighthouse
  • Letherby Falls
  • Silver Falls
  • Bald Mountain
  • Silver Mountain
  • Little Mountain
  • Bond Falls
  • Agate Falls
  • Sturgeon River Falls
  • Copper Harbor
  • Eagle River
  • Brockway Mountain
  • Hogsback Mountain
  • Quartzite Falls
  • Black Slate River Falls
  • Echo Lake Preserve
  • Blind 35 Hills
  • Bear Mountain
  • Hiking the Jordan River Pathway
  • Gabbro Falls
  • Bulldog Falls
  • Alder Falls
  • Marquette

What are you planning for 2017?

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