December 7, 2012

Happy Camper: Organization

When it comes to camping, we’ve struggled with finding the right organization system for us, especially for when we car camp. We’ve reduced the amount of what we take significantly, disregarded boxes of items when not necessary (i.e cereal), and bought smaller, lighter equipment. Still the problem has gone unsolved. Where do we put it all?

Experienced Failure

We’ve tried a number of approaches. From grocery bags that almost always end up lost or torn to plastic containers with pull out drawers that end up just being too big and bulky to deal with. We never could find anything that worked well until now.

The 5 Gallon Bucket

Five gallon buckets are amazing. They can be used for anything from planting a garden to storing water to an art project. They are cheap, durable and adaptable. When we started using them, we found we could keep all of our “loose” gear in two buckets. Those buckets fit spatially in the truck of our Jetta. We also found that the lids that screw/ twist on work wonderfully at keep food stored, dried and animal free.

We needed to go a step further. While the buckets are great, it still required that we dig through everything to find what we were looking for. Steve found a “bucket coat” that goes around the outside of a 5 gallon bucket. It has multiple pockets of a variety of sizes that allow for us to store any small items, such as utensils, extra batteries, and flashlights. We can easily retrieve these items and they are always right where we expect to find them. Our larger gear, such as the Jetboil and cooking pans, can easily be tucked away within the bucket and sealed with the lid.

The best part is that when we are home and not camping, everything is stored in the bucket. That means when we are ready for our next camping adventure everything is ready to go and is easily packed.

So far we happy with this arrangement. If you’re struggling with organization, I recommend you give it a shot. Do you have a different way that you organize your gear?

You can find the 5 gallon bucket organizers on Amazon for around $15.

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