Waterfalls of the Western U.P.: Alder Falls

Alder Falls

Alder Falls is located 20 miles north west of Marquette, Michigan, just outside of Big Bay,  on Alder Creek. It has a set of four drops, the lower being the most impressive at around 30 feet in height. It is a cascading falls and descends into a beautiful gorge that makes the area very photogenic. This entire area, beyond the falls, is actually one of my favourite places to visit.

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Waterfalls of the Western U.P: Big Pup Falls

Big Pup Falls

Big Pup Falls is located near the tiny town of Big Bay, Michigan in Marquette County on Big Pup Creek. There are several small drops over smooth volcanic rock.  The largest drop is only a few feet in height and the waterfalls themselves aren’t very impressive. However, the area surrounding the waterfalls creates a nice, secluded resting spot with lots of moss covered rocks and beautiful trees.

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Exploring Yellowstone: The Waterfalls

With so many sites to see, it’s impossible to fit everything into a week. We ended up missing out on a lot of the waterfalls in Yellowstone, including some of the pretty grand ones, in order to see more geothermal areas of the park; things we just don’t see in Michigan. It was a difficult decision but when we go back, and we will go back, I plan on picking up where we left off on the hunt for waterfalls.

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