Run Like a Reindeer 5K

Sport your favorite pair of antlers and trot this festive 5k race. I had been looking forward to this race all year. After all, who doesn't want to run like a reindeer? Hosted at Fortitude Outdoor, this race offers a challenging course and lots of fun.

A Winter Trip to Munising

I just got my very first pair of snowshoes and what better way to break them in than heading to the Upper Peninsula. Munising, Michigan is one of our favourite towns in the entire state, no matter the season, and makes the perfect location for some snowshoeing adventures. The Holiday Inn Express Lakeshore We stayed... Continue Reading →

Waterfalls on the Black River Scenic Byway

The Black River Scenic Byway is a 14-mile stretch of road that follows the Black River. There are 5 major waterfalls along this route with ample hiking opportunities available. Great Conglomerate Falls The first waterfall is the Great Conglomerate Falls. Thirty feet in height, it surges over a wide conglomerate rock formation. From the parking... Continue Reading →

Exploring Yellowstone: Mammoth Hot Springs

What makes something as remarkable as the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces? There are four key ingredients: heat, water, limestone and a rock fracture system that allows hot water to reach the earth's surface. Yellowstone has all of these elements and the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces are a grand display of it. This major thermal feature... Continue Reading →

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