A Trip Down River Road Scenic Byway

The Au Sable River was a major transportation route for floating giant White Pines from what is now known the Huron-Manistee National Forest, to the sawmills that were located on Lake Huron. The River Road Scenic Byway follows this route for 22 miles, running from Hale to Oscoda, Michigan. The historical information and amazing scenic views make this a great scenic byway to check out in the lower peninsula.

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San Juan Skyway and the Million Dollar Highway

When Steve and I discovered the San Juan Skyway we were immediately interested. When we discovered the section called the Million Dollar Highway we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drive it. Considered one of America’s most dangerous roads, the Million Dollar Highway claimed to offer “jaw-dropping” views through the mountains, immense historical opportunities and scenic views that put other scenic byways to shame. Continue reading “San Juan Skyway and the Million Dollar Highway”

The Best Scenic Drive: Route 12, Utah

I’ve been on quite a few Scenic Byways, not all of them obviously but enough to determine that so far, this has been the best Scenic Byway I have ever been on. Utah is a strange and wondrous world. Out of all the states (29) that I’ve been to, this one is the most interesting. From the Salt Flats (out of this world strange) in the North to the rocky formations and aspen forests in the South. Route 12 cuts through many of Utah’s most amazing features.

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Waterfalls on the Black River Scenic Byway

The Black River Scenic Byway is a 14 mile stretch of road that follows the Black River and allows “road access” to five major waterfalls. There is parking available at each waterfall but you have to hike into the forest to reach the river. The other option is to park at one trailhead and follow six miles of the North Country trail that connects all five falls. We choice to drive to each falls individually due to the high 100 degree temperatures. The drive is very pretty and I imagine is one of the more scenic roads in the fall.

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