A Trip Down River Road Scenic Byway

The Au Sable River was a major transportation route for floating giant White Pines from what is now known the Huron-Manistee National Forest, to the sawmills that were located on Lake Huron. The River Road Scenic Byway follows this route for 22 miles, running from Hale to Oscoda, Michigan. The historical information and amazing scenic views make this a great scenic byway to check out in the lower peninsula.

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The Best Scenic Drive: Route 12, Utah

I’ve been on quite a few Scenic Byways, not all of them obviously but enough to determine that so far, this has been the best Scenic Byway I have ever been on. Utah is a strange and wondrous world. Out of all the states (29) that I’ve been to, this one is the most interesting. From the Salt Flats (out of this world strange) in the North to the rocky formations and aspen forests in the South. Route 12 cuts through many of Utah’s most amazing features.

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Arizona’s Best: Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend was my favourite sight in the Arizona, even more so than the Grand Canyon itself. I can’t say specifically why but I found much more interesting than the Grand Canyon. It gets its name clearly from the horseshoe shape the Colorado makes as it make meanders it’s way south to the Grand Canyon. The overlook is around 1,000 feet above the Colorado River, making it quite a spectral that no photograph can correctly represent.

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Grand Canyon

This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon, Steve’s second. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed. I’m not sure what it was exactly but it lacked the appeal of other National Parks that we had been to. Still, it looks pretty impressive on paper. Nearly 5 million people visit every year and it is a 1 mile down from the rims to the floor of the canyon. We were on the South Rim and ended up seeing the Desert Hermit, Hopi House, the Grand Canyon Train, The Watchtower and a few other nice spots along that rim.

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300 Feet to Moro Rock & A View to Remember

350 stairs, 300 feet of elevation change over a quarter of a mile is all that stands between you and an amazing view of the Sequoia National Park and the Great Western Divide. The trail, though easy accessible and short isn’t for everyone. There are a few places to rest along the narrow, steep “trail” but for the most part, it’s just pushing through until you reach the top. I highly recommend making time for this stop.

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Tokopah Falls – A 1200 Foot Waterfall

I am addicted to waterfalls. There’s no better way to put it. So when I read about this five star, 1200 foot waterfall within a 1.7 one-way hike, I had to check it out. Located in Sequoia National Park, Tokopah Falls is well known and highly visited waterfall. The trailhead is located within the Lodgepole campground and is well marked by a sign. It’s located on the right once you across a bridge towards the back of the campground.

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Wonders Never Cease – The Grand Teton National Park

See the rugged snow-covered peaks stretching up towards the heavens above. The lake valleys that reflect those mountains and are surrounded with wildflowers in the spring. Imagine the wildlife; elk, bear, moose and wolves. The crisp morning air, fresh and energizing.  The Grand Teton Mountain range is exactly that. I haven’t seen many mountains in my life but so far I have yet to find any that are more majestic and magical than these.

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