Outdoor Ethics: Leave No Trace

With the increase of traffic on the trails, now is a perfect time to review Leave No Trace. Leave No Trace is a set of principles that exist to protect the environmental impact people have while enjoying the beauty of nature.

10 Essential Items for Hiking

Being new to hiking can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. What do you have to take? What don't you really need? After all, you can't carry everything. What are the must-have items and why? Here are some basic items that are good to include in gear for any trip. Footwear Keeping your feet... Continue Reading →

The 3 Layers of Winter

The cold and snow won't stop us from enjoying the outdoors. In fact, one of my favorite times of year to camp and/or hike is winter. No crowds, just us and nature. But before we hit the trails, we always ask: How are we going to stay warm? Proper layering plays a key role in... Continue Reading →

Hiking Preparation

It's almost time for our 42.2 mile hike through Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore. This will not be our most challenging hike but it will be our longest. We've taken many things into consideration planning this trip and thought it would be a good time to reflect. Why Pictured Rocks With this being my first... Continue Reading →

Are You Tick Aware?

April is tick awareness month! Okay, maybe I made that up. But it should be! Here in Michigan, 'tis the season. During our last camping trip to Pigeon River, we were unfortunate to have another run in with these little creatures. Michigan Ticks Michigan has three common ticks. The Black-Legged Tick or Deer Tick (Ixodes... Continue Reading →

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