Gear Review: Clark NX-270

How you camp is just as important as where you camp. Having a suitable shelter that fits your needs plays a major role in having a successful (and happy) trip. Back in April, I made the decision to switch from a tent to a hammock. It reduced the weight I carried, the amount of space my shelter took up in my pack, and the time required to set up camp. After a month of research, Steve made a similar decision and switched from a tent to the Clark NX-270, camo.

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Camping Gear

The best way to have a successful camping trip is to make sure that you have all the right gear with you or, at the very least, enough gear to improvise what you’re missing. I’ve put together this list of possible items you’ll want to include. This is meant to be a guideline only and is based on our experiences. Some things you may or may not want to include. It all depends on where you’re headed, the weather, how many days you’ll be there and most importantly, your personal comfort level. Continue reading “Camping Gear”