Camping with Dogs

Camping with dogs can be a challenge but also some of the best camping experiences. We have two beagles, Brisco and Delilah, who LOVE going camping with us. If you have ever owned beagles, you know just how much they love all those new smells. Both have their own needs and we try our best... Continue Reading →

Are You Tick Aware?

April is tick awareness month! Okay, maybe I made that up. But it should be! Here in Michigan, 'tis the season. During our last camping trip to Pigeon River, we were unfortunate to have another run in with these little creatures. Michigan Ticks Michigan has three common ticks. The Black-Legged Tick or Deer Tick (Ixodes... Continue Reading →

Our First Shot at a DIY First Aid Kit

We have some amazing camping gear. Over the years we've tried new things, learned what doesn't work for us, improved what we have and got rid of things we thought we needed but really didn't. While we are still experimenting, we've narrowed it down to almost our perfect set of gear, that is until I noticed we were overlooking an important... Continue Reading →

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