A Winter Stay at the Teddy Lake Yurt

There’s something special about staying in a Yurt. It’s a unique experience that most Michiganders have yet to discover. Our first experience with one was at Teddy Lake in Michigan’s Craig Lake State Park.

The Teddy Lake Yurt is available year-round, which is one of the reasons why we selected it. In the winter, it requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle to reach the parking area where a short hike is required to reach the Yurt. This adds to the remote, peaceful environment.

Furnished with enough bunk beds to sleep four people, the Yurt is an excellent option for small groups who want to get lost in a “winter wonderland.”  The wood stove provides heat but also works well for cooking. There is a stockpile of wood available that has been sheltered from the snow.

For $65 a night, plus the cost of a Recreational Pass if you don’t have one, this was an amazing opportunity. I imagine it’s quite pleasant in the summer as well with a canoe provided for paddling around Teddy Lake.

To experience your yurt get-a-way, visit Michigan State Park & Habor Reservations

Our First Shot at a DIY First Aid Kit

We have some amazing camping gear. Over the years we’ve tried new things, learned what doesn’t work for us, improved what we have and got rid of things we thought we needed but really didn’t. While we are still experimenting, we’ve narrowed it down to almost our perfect set of gear, that is until I noticed we were overlooking an important piece of equipment; the First Aid Kit.

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