September 17, 2015

Black Slate Falls: A New Favorite

L'Anse, MI

Over the past few years, Steve and I have made a huge dent in our Michigan Waterfalls list. This year, however, we seemed to be spending more time seeing waterfalls we’ve already visited instead of discovering new ones. So we planned a trip focused solely on seeking out some we hadn’t seen before, including Black Slate Falls; a new favorite.


I love waterfalls. I love shooting waterfalls. No two photographs are the same. Movement is constantly changing; lighting is constantly changing. Everything is in flux. It makes for some of the best photographs and some of the best scenery we’ve ever seen. Black Slate Falls is one of those perfect examples. It is a series of short drops on the Slate River. It’s small, only around 40 feet all together but the variety in stone, the different levels in drops and the overall peacefulness/isolation of the area really made this an amazing waterfall.

Blury us


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