June 9, 2017

An Explorer’s Guide to Big Pup Falls

Big Bay, MI

Located off of Country Road 510 between Marquette and Big Bay, Michigan is a small but beautiful little waterfall called Big Pup. Although not as impressive as it’s “big brother” down the road, Big Pup offers something magical to those who take the time to visit it, especially in the spring.

Roughly 20 feet in height, it’s multiple drops twist down volcanic rock, winding around and under large boulders, and through narrow shoots.

To get to Big Pup Falls, you’ll follow 510 to the bridge that crosses over Big Pup Creek. There is a small parking area on the west side of the road just before the bridge crossing (if coming from Big Bay). It’s near the “Weeping Rock”, as Steve calls it.

Cross the road and walk up to the bridge. On the north side, there is a well-defined trail that takes you through the trees and directly to the waterfall. The second and third drops are by far our favorites.

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