August 13, 2015

A Trip Down River Road Scenic Byway

Hale to Oscoda, MI

The Au Sable River was a major transportation route for floating giant White Pines from what is now known the Huron-Manistee National Forest, to the sawmills that were located on Lake Huron. The River Road Scenic Byway follows this route for 22 miles, running from Hale to Oscoda, Michigan. The historical information and amazing scenic views make this a great scenic byway to check out in the lower peninsula.

Iargo Springs

Key stops along the drive include Loud Hydroelectric Dam, Iargo Springs (one of my favorite stops), Canoer’s Memorial, Kiwanis Monument, Lumberman’s Monument, Footee Village and Hydroelectric dam. This area is great for hiking, canoeing, bird watching, snowmobiling and skiing.

A map of the scenic byway is available.


Canoers Monument



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