October 10, 2017

A Hike to Pyramid Point: Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, MI

┬áLocated in Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Pyramid Point is a moderate hike with a couple of stunning view of Lake Michigan, beech and maple forests, fields, and a pine plantation.

The trailhead is located off of Basch Road, about 10 minutes north of Glen Arbor. There were maps available at this location that show the 2.7-mile loop as well as the .6 mile spur that takes hikers up to the bluff. We arrived mid to late morning and the parking lot was already full.
Pyramid Point View
About .4 miles after leaving the trailhead, the trail splits. Continue straight for .2 miles to reach Pyramid Point and the first fantastic view of Lake Michigan. The view is worth the uphill climb. The trail takes you to the top of a bluff that overlooks Lake Michigan. There was a sign here that requested people not to climb down the dune, for their own safety.
To continue along the loop, return to where the trail splits and follow the signs for the “meadow”, about .6 miles. Along the way, there will be more opportunities to climb up the dunes and get another view of Lake Michigan. This portion of the trail was much quieter as many people were heading up to Pyramid Point and then back to the trailhead.
Meadow with mom
The last .4 miles of the loop follows Basch Road back to the trailhead. There was not a lot of traffic on this road while we were here, but I imagine in the summer it may be a different a story. Watch out for traffic.
When compared to some other hikes, Pyramid Point does not have a lot to offer. But it is a peaceful loop that offers some challenges because of it’s hilly terrain, and there are plenty of dunes to explore along the way.
For more details and a map, visit Pyramid Point Trail.

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