The Wild Sturgeon River Falls

Location: Sidnaw, Michigan

Hidden deep within a protected gorge is a roaring waterfall known as Sturgeon River Falls. Located on the powerful Sturgeon River, this is one waterfall that is well worth the challenge to visit.

Sturgeon River Falls

Sturgeon River Falls is a 30 foot powerhouse waterfall deep within the Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness. This area is rugged with stunning views, wild rivers, and old forest. There are very few established trails, making this an ideal place to get away from the crowds.

The hike to Sturgeon River Falls is about 1 mile in length, one way, and is very challenging. The trail cuts through beautiful forest before descending steeply into the gorge. Remember, once you go down, you have to come back up.

Sturgeon River

Those willing to tackle the hike are rewarded with a stunning waterfall and river.

Warning Sign

It is important to note that while this location does seem inviting to go swimming, the current of the Sturgeon River is very swift. It does have a history of sweeping people away and drownings. Use caution.

Visiting the Sturgeon River Falls is well worth the challenge of getting to it. It is a wild, rugged, and beautiful waterfall with few visitors in an area that is stunning.

Getting There

Follow M-38 west out of Baraga.

Continue for 9.5 miles and turn left towards Prickett Dam (also worth a visit).

At 2.3 miles turn right onto NF-2270 and follow signs for Sturgeon River Falls. Continue for about 9.7 miles to the trailhead/parking area.

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