Tackling the Penosha Trail

Location: Brighton Recreation Area, Brighton, Michigan

Penosha Trail offers runners a 5 mile loop through pretty forest and fields. The trail is well maintained but does have its share of hidden rocks and roots.

Photo up a hill

I really enjoyed the hills on the Penosha. With an elevation gain of 535 feet, the terrain variations are not extremely difficult but still offer a challenge.

Aside from one location, the trail is well marked for easy direction while on the run.

Trail through a field
Portion of Field

The one location that is confusing is where the trail meets Teahen Road. There are no easily visible signs indicating where to go and where the trail can be picked back up.

I really appreciated the width of the trail. In most places, it is easy to pass others without anyone having to step off the trail. This is especially important because it does have high traffic.

My route
My Route

The trailhead for Penosha is located just beyond the Bishop Lake Campground. This location is for both runners/hikers and bikers to access the trails. To avoid the traffic, there are places along the route to park and hop on the trail.

Overall, Penosha offers a pleasant run with challenges and options for longer distances. I will enjoy running here in the future.

For more information about this area, visit Brighton Recreation Area.

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