Visiting Erick’s Falls

Erick’s Falls is not the prettiest or most impressive waterfall in the Huron Mountains. In fact, with concrete bridge looming upriver from it, it could be considered almost ugly. Even still, with how easy it is to access and the surrounding area, it is worth visiting at least once.

Roughly 6 feet in height and 10 feet wide, Erick’s Falls is a small waterfall. We happened to come across it by accident on our way to Leatherby Falls, a neighboring waterfall also on the West Branch Huron River.

Chris taking a photograph. Road can be seen in upper left corner

While it might not be impressive, it does provide a good location for some relaxation and a picnic. It is a few yards from the road and has plenty of cleared space.

Getting There

From L’Anse, follow Skanee Road out of town for about 18.4 miles. If you reach McComb Corner where Skanee splits, you’ve gone too far.

Turn right onto Black Creek Road and continue for 4.6 miles. Park after the bridge that crosses over the river and head downstream to the falls.

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