Gear Review: Dutchware Beetle Buckle for Hammock Suspension

A good suspension system is as important as the hammock itself. What a good system entails depends on individual preferences. For me, a good system is easy to set up, reliable, and easy to adjust. Keeping these qualities in mind, I decided to go with a cinch buckle system and use Dutchware’s Beetle Buckles for my buckles.

The Specs

The Beetle Buckle is made from titanium and is light-weight (17.9 grams). It is strong and will not corrode.

What I Like

The Beetle Buckles are easy to install.

The buckles make set up super easy and fast. Using these, I can easily have my hammock up in less than a minute.

What I Don’t Like

Sometimes the strap will get twisted within the buckle and I have to fumble with it for a few minutes. At this point, I have not tried other buckles and do not know if this a common issue with this system.

The release is sometimes difficult, especially in situations when I set up my hammock and then want to move it.

The last time I used these buckles, the buckle must have twisted after I set it up. When I added weight into my hammock, it slipped and frayed the strap.


The Dutchware Beetle Buckle introduced me to the cinch suspension system, which I love. These buckles did the job. However, the twisting on the strap and the frayed strap incident caused me to look into different buckles. I’m going to replace these ones with the Dutchware’s Titanium Cinch Buckles.

For more information on the Beetle Buckles, visit Dutchware.

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