A Road Side Attraction: Alger Falls

Location: Munising, Michigan

Roadside waterfalls are not very common in Michigan, comparatively speaking. But when there is one, they draw a crowd. Alger Falls near Munising, Michigan is one such popular waterfall. Nestled away on the side of the road, it offers easy viewing access to everyone.

Alger Falls is one of Michigan’s easiest waterfalls to view. You can see it right from your parked car on M-28.

Located on Alder Creek, Alder Falls tumbles over rocky ledges to create a simple but pretty cascade.

Best viewed in the spring after the first snow melt, but it does run all year. There have been a few summers where it’s barely flowing due to drought conditions.

Getting There

Alger Falls can be viewed from M-28, about 1 mile south of Munising. It is almost exactly across from the M-94 turn. There is a small area in front of the falls to pull over but this fills up quickly in the summer.

Off of M-94 is Wagner Falls. I’d recommend parking at the Wagner Scenic Site and taking the short walk to Wagner Falls as well.

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