Gear Review: Cooking with the Jetboil

Cooking in the backcountry can be a bit of a chore after a hard day’s hike. The right tools and some good meal planning can make a big difference. We bought the original Jetboil years ago for exactly that purpose.

The Specs

  • Anodized aluminum 1-liter cooking cup
  • Full system weight – 15.25oz
  • Stove weight – 6oz
  • Dimensions 7.1 x 4.5 x 4.1 inches
  • FluxRing heat exchanger improves fueld efficiency
  • Neoprene cozy
  • Push igniter starter

What We Like

What attracted us first to the Jetboil was its ability to boil water in under 3 minutes. Perfect for any freeze-dried meals.

The cooking system is easy to set up

The stove can be stored within the cup for easy storage.

It is a lightweight system that can be made lighter by removing the cup and taking only the stove.

What We Don’t Like

With any backcountry or camping stove, wind can be a problem. Even though the Jetboil was designed with wind reduction in mind, it is still a challenge on windy days.

Jetboil requires specific fuel that can sometimes be difficult for us to find at local stores. We usually make a trip to REI a few hours away or order it on Amazon.

When cooking with a skillet or pan, we have had problems with uneven heating. We’ve tried different types of pans and have had the same issue with all of them.


The Jetboil is a great addition to the backpacker’s gear. We have gotten a lot of use out of ours on both backpacking and camping trips. It is a good system that brings ease to cooking on the trails.

To learn more, visit Jetboil.

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