Trail Running at Fenner Nature Center


Fenner Nature Center is a unique location within the city of Lansing that provides people with the opportunity to experience nature.  This environmental education center contains 134 acres of publicly accessible green space. This includes roughly 4 miles of trails that wind through maple groves and prairie lands.


Wildlife is abundant at Fenner. On my trail runs, I have encountered deer, wild turkey, skunk, and opossum. I have been diverted on more than one occasion by a deer who will not move off the trail. I try to keep my distance even if that means finding a new route.

Connector TrailConnector Trail

There are 5 main trails within the park. Oak Ridge Trail (3/4 mile), Tamarack Trail (3/4 mile), Maple Grove Loop (1/2 mile), Turner Trail (1/2 mile), and Sugar Maple Trail (1/3). Among the main trails, there are also connecting trails which make it easy for longer runs without having to backtrack.  The trail map can be viewed at Fenner Nature Center Trail Guide.

Most of the trails are fairly even with little to no roots. The trails vary from forest floor to pavement to mowed grass. The mowed grass areas provide the most challenge for footing as they are not always even.


Forest Trail

There are a couple of small hills for a little-added challenge but for the most part, the trails are flat.

Overall this is an excellent trail run for those looking for an easy, quick run or who are just getting started.

For more details visit Fenner Nature Center.

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