Visiting Dead River Falls

Running 43.2 miles through Marquette County, the Dead River is home to several very impressive waterfalls. The falls known as Dead River Falls are located just outside of Marquette, Michigan.

Three of the falls are over 15 feet in height. All of them are rugged and beautiful.

While the hike is short (less than a mile), the trail is difficult. Steep inclines over tree roots, rocks, and mud challenged us the entire way. There are, however, plenty of resting spots at each drop to take in the view and recover if you need it.

Dead River
Photo by Amie Lucas
Second drop of Dead River Falls
Photo by Amie Lucas
Third drop of dead river falls
Photo by Amie Lucas

There is one more drop above this one that we didn’t make it to. It was starting to rain and the sky was rumbling.


To get to the there from Marquette, take Wright St north to Forestville Dam Rd, about .6 miles after leaving US-41. Following Forestville Road for about 2 miles before parking near the old power station. It’s hard to miss.

Stairs and sign carved into wood stump to Dead River Falls

From the parking area, walk past the outhouse up the steep gravel “road”. Shortly after reaching the top, on the left is a sign for Dead River Falls. Follow the path down the stairs and to the river. Most of the waterfalls are upstream from here.

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