Gear Review: Warbonnet Superfly

I wanted a high quality, highly versatile tarp/rainfly to compliment my Clark NX-270 hammock. After weeks of research, I settled on the Warbonnet Superfly Rainfly and have not been disappointed.

The Specs of the Superfly

  • Ridgeline Length: 11 feet
  • Width: 10 feet
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • “All Season” Tarp

The Pros

“Great for cold weather use or folks who want one tarp for all conditions and seasons.”

Warbonnet’s Superfly brings versatility of hammock camping. No matter the weather, this tarp will keep you dry and protected.

A very relaxed, open set up

The A-frame style pitch provides coverage over a large area, creating a great shelter for privacy and keeping out cold winds. It is large enough that you can set up or tear down your hammock beneath, keeping you and your gear dry in rainy conditions. Because it is so large, in warm temperatures, the corners can be lifted with walking sticks to create a breezy “porch mode.”

The Superfly performed well with heavy rains and strong winds, especially when the panel tieouts are used


  • 2 ridgeline tieouts
  • 4 main ground corner tieouts
  • 4 door tieouts
  • 4 panel tieouts
  • Stuff sack
  • 7oz Tube of Silicone for Seam Sealing

The Cons

After a full season of camping, I can honestly say there is nothing about this rainfly that I haven’t liked.


While the Superfly has yet to undergo a winter camping experience, this rainfly makes an excellent addition to our camping gear. Because of it is light-weight, versatility, and high-quality, I highly recommend the Warbonnet Superfly.

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