Gear Review: Clark NX-270

How you camp is just as important as where you camp. Having a suitable shelter that fits your needs plays a major role in having a successful (and happy) trip. Back in April, I made the decision to switch from a tent to a hammock. It reduced the weight I carried, the amount of space my shelter took up in my pack, and the time required to set up camp. After a month of research, Steve made a similar decision and switched from a tent to the Clark NX-270, camo.

The Specs

It fits a Beagle
  • Packing Weight: 2lbs 15oz
  • Packing Size: 16″ x 8″ x 6″
  • Comfort Weight: 300lbs
  • Weight Limit: 700lbs
  • WeatherShield
  • 4 Season Hammock

The Pros

From our 2016 Pictured Rocks Hike. The Clark Hammock is in the back.

Unlike most hammocks, the Clark NX-270 can be completely enclosed. There is a section of material that can be zipped up, over the bug netting, to help keep the warmth inside of the hammock. This feature is part of the reason that the hammock is considered 4 seasons.

The Clark NX-270 has under pockets that are accessible from INSIDE the hammock. Meaning on those cold mornings, you don’t have to unzip or get out of your hammock to get your gear. The pockets are well designed and you don’t wake up feeling your hiking boots digging into your back.

A big difference between this hammock and most others is this hammock has a structure. There’s a small, light-weight pole that when inserted into the top of the hammock, keeps it pulled away from you face and creates a dome-like atmosphere inside. Steve especially likes this feature because he doesn’t feel as enclosed and it’s easier for him to sit up.

There are handles at the head/foot of the hammock that allow you to easily position or re-position yourself. These are also excellent spots to attach any lightweight gear that you want easy access to, such as a flashlight.

Like most hammocks, this one also functions like a seat.

The Cons

There is a learning curve when setting the Clark NX-270 up for the first few times. It can’t be too loose or too tight, and the distance between the trees matters quite a bit. It took Steve a few trips before he got the hang of it. Switching to the DEEQI Hammock Tree Hanging Straps helped him out a lot.

The rainfly costs an additional $119, depending on which version you go with. At first this was really annoying but then, in our case, it ended up being a positive. Steve has picked out a different style of rainfly that he thinks will better suit his needs. In the end, he didn’t have to pay for a rainfly he doesn’t intend on using.

The Clark NX-270 has a large-ish packing size and is heavier than my Hennessy. Part of the problem with packing size is that the hammock folds into itself, instead of into a compression sack. This issue can be resolved easily. If you’re planning on using it for hiking, where space in your pack matters, you might want to pick up a compression sack.

At $389 for just the hammock (no tree straps, rainfly, etc) This is an expensive hammock. Although for good reason, if you’re not planning on using it a lot or not planning on any cool weather camping/hiking trips, it might not be worth the price.

Despite being a four season hammock, the Clark NX-270 suffers one of the common problems hammocks have. The wind goes right through the bottom portion. You’ll still want to consider an underquilt or a foam mat (depending on the season) to help protect you. Steve is also considering the Warbonnet Superfly Rainfly that completely covers the hammock and will better protect against wind.


An extremely comfortable nights sleep, no matter how you lay it  in. Steve woke up every morning feeling ache free and ready for the miles ahead. He’s a side, stomach, and back sleeper and had absolutely no problems with being uncomfortable.


Overall, Steve is happy with this purchase. He woke up every morning feeling ache-free and ready to hike the miles ahead. Offering an extremely comfortable night’s sleep to someone who is a side, stomach and back sleeper, this hammock is a great option. It’s diverse, easy to set up and tear down, and holds up well against rain. It’s an excellent shelter.

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