The Hike to Abram’s Falls

We decided to take the 5.2 mile round trip hike to Abram’s Falls. The trail has a total elevation gain of 675 feet with the first part being almost entirely up hill. It’s a bit rocky but nothing compared to the Appalachian trail we had hiked part of the day before.

Abram’s Falls is 20 feet tall and has a large volume of water, falling over a sandstone cliff into a deep pool of water. There were several other people on the trail and at the waterfall but it didn’t feel over-crowed. We took a long rest at the falls and enjoyed the view.

In 2008, Backpacker Magazine listed this as the ninth most dangerous trail in American because of the high exposure to drowning and hypothermia hazards. The article said that 29 deaths had occurred on the trail since 1971 from water related incidents. Considering that supposedly 1,000 people a day visit Abram’s Falls during the peak season, it’s not likely that something will happen but let it serve as a reminder to always be prepared and take proper precautions when you hike in any area.

More information about Abram’s Falls is available on the National Park Services website.

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